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Archphp: A PHP Based Dynamic Website for Archery Clubs

A few years ago I was fairly involved with a university archery club. The exec of the club at the time thought it would be a cool idea to have a community website, to allow the members to keep up-to-date with club news, get club information. The site also provides members a place to keep track of the equipment they use and could keep track of their scores. This also enables the exec to see how the members are progressing, allowing them to easily see who may need more help and who is doing well (for example when needing to pick a team for inter-university shoots).

8 Apr 2007 #open-source #web-technologies

Using LAMP

LAMP is the name given to a program stack that is commonly used for developing dynamic web-pages. These applications being the GNU/Linux operating System, Apache webserver, MySQL database and either PHP, Perl or Python. So what are dynamic web-pages and how do they differ from any other webpage? Web pages can be thought of as either being static or dynamic. Static web-pages are those where the completed document is stored in a file and is merely presented to the client by the webserver.

8 Feb 2006 #web-technologies