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Pi2com: Serial and I2C Board for the Raspberry Pi

I finally succumbed and bought a Raspberry Pi. I’d been holding out for quite a while, I had a ARM based NAS box (NAS4220) that I had bought a few years back with the intention of learning a bit more about Linux on ARM and as that was the only real reason I could think of for buying it, I didn’t feel the need. A need did however finally present it’s self, I wanted a small device to use to do some simple temperature logging.

30 Mar 2013 #electronics #linux

Ford Focus Have Roof Rack Fix Points

Whilst looking for a set of rook racks for my 2005 Ford Focus, I discovered that there are 2 types of roof racks available, those for mounting to a set of “fixpoints” and those that can be mounted without the Fix points. The roof bars that don’t require the fix points clamp onto the roof and into the door opening and due to the limited clearance available between the door and it’s frame, the clamp seems to be painted metal with no protection for the paintwork.

11 Apr 2011 #cars

Northants LUG Poster

After some interest in the old Lancaster LUG poster that I uploaded a few days ago, I decided to modify it for my current Linux User Group - the Northants Linux User Group. The new poster can be seen below: I have attached the source files for the poster for those interested in using it.

11 Jun 2009

Lancaster Lug Poster

A few years ago now, I created a poster for the Lancaster Linux User Group. At the time I was at university and I was able to get permission to wack a load of these up around the campus. This is a small rendering of the poster: I have zipped up a larger version, rendered as a PNG and the source for anyone interested in using it as a template for their own.

8 Jun 2009

Using PicStart Plus Under Linux

Microcontroller development under Linux at times is still a little problematic. Many applications exist to enable compiling of C, assembly language and for programming many different microcontrollers. Here we will consider how to program Microchip’s PIC family of microcontrollers. Programming To program a microcontroller two aspects need to be in place: A hardware programmer A software driver for the programmer Hardware There are a large number of programmers available for the PIC microcontroller range.

28 Jul 2007 #electronics

So What Is a Pic and How Do I Program It

So what is a “PIC”? Well, a PIC is a microcontroller sold by a company called Microchip. That’s the short answer, the longer answer is that “PICmicro”, usually shortened to “PIC” is the brand name for a family, in fact a series of families, of 8-bit RISC-based microcontrollers. RISC or “Reduced Instruction Set Computer” describes the philosophy of designing “a processor whose design is based on the rapid execution of a sequence of simple instructions rather than on the provision of a large variety of complex instructions”[1].

28 Jul 2007 #electronics

Installing and Using SDCC on Linux

SDCC, the Small Device C Compiler, is an open source C compiler for a number of microcontrollers and small platforms. This document describes how to get SDCC installed and working under Linux, provides an example code and a description of how to compile it for the 16f877, 16f84 and 18f252. Installing gputils Before installing SDCC it is wise to first install gputils if you are going to be compiling for the PIC platform.

28 Jul 2007 #electronics

Archphp: A PHP Based Dynamic Website for Archery Clubs

A few years ago I was fairly involved with a university archery club. The exec of the club at the time thought it would be a cool idea to have a community website, to allow the members to keep up-to-date with club news, get club information. The site also provides members a place to keep track of the equipment they use and could keep track of their scores. This also enables the exec to see how the members are progressing, allowing them to easily see who may need more help and who is doing well (for example when needing to pick a team for inter-university shoots).

8 Apr 2007 #open-source #web-technologies

SDCC Library for Controlling a 16x2 LCD Display From a PIC

So, you have a small LCD character display, with a Hitachi HD44780 compatible controller and a PIC. You want to control the LCD display from the PIC. There seems to be quite a bit of sample code on the web, however, it seems to either have been written or an alternative microcontroller or in assembly. Well, here’s a very basic library for writing to the controller from SDCC. This library provides a wrapper over the configuration options provided by the Hitachi display; it provides a number of defines to make it easier to select individual options; a basic initialisation function and some very basic commands to send commands and data.

29 Mar 2007 #electronics